Hello readers! You just reached the top of my journey in SEA Teacher Program!

How lucky we us that we are the first batch of SEA Teachers that our institution send to the country of Indonesia!

For that reason, I might only be able to say a big thank you to those who helped me embark on this journey before, during or after the program was running.

Headmost, THANK YOU VERY MUCH for SEAMEO who have made this program for us student teachers. This program was really apt for us to enhance and learn how to become a professional teacher in the future. I hope that this program will continue to success.

Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University Mid-La Union Campus especiall to College of Education department of Bachelor of Elementary Education. Thank you very much for this opportunity and the trust that you gave to us. it is a big honor and pride to carry the name of our institution in the global arena.

Furthermore, I want to extend my gratitude to Universitas Muhammadiyah Sumatera Utara for the warm welcome. My heart melts with the kindness and generosity of the faculty members and students. We didn’t feel like we are anywhere else. We highly appreciate it. I hope and pray that this university will continue to success.






It was lucky that I had found people who made it difficult for me to say goodbye.

My friends I found a family on you. Medan City Indonesia I found my second home! 28 days is not enough to feel the tepid of our togetherness. I hope there will be the time to meet us again!

September 7, 2019 1:00 PM, Saturday! Exact date and time to leave Indonesia. Thank you for the memories that we share I will truly treasure it all. FOREVER GRATEFUL!

Mula sa kaibuturan ng aking puso maraming maraming salamat po! Mahal ko kayong lahat. Hanggang sa muli!

Summary and Suggestion

Hi Readers! I do hope that you all are really having a good time reading my blog.

After you completed reading my story with my learners on the previous pages, this moment I will share all my fanciful experiences during the program. Enjoy!

First and foremost, let’s start with the question “What is the purpose of the program?”. I verily believe that the paramount goal of this SEA Teacher program is to help the student teachers to develop themselves as teacher aspirant to become a professional educator in the future. Enrich and expand my horizon in teaching profession. Honestly speaking, taking a teaching as a career is not that easy but if you have the heart for teaching and you have passion with you everything will flow smoothly. By making a difference is an extravagant experience as long as you love your career and your students appreciate it that’s all that matters.

Secondly, “What is the procedure of the practicum?” Of course before I teach I consult my cooperating teacher regarding my lesson plan. I ask her if there is still mistakes, asking if she has suggestions so that the learning and teaching process will flow smoothly. Afterwards she approved it and I already begin to prepare my learning materials as well as prepare myself and give my best shot for the final demonstration teaching.

Thirdly, “What is the outcome of the practicum?” Participant of the SEA Teacher program is taking and integrating the responsibility of being a teacher. After the apprenticeship we as future educator should have a good methodology so that the teaching and learning process will be simple and the learners can understand. And we must have the strategy to catch the attention of the students so that they will perform well in the process.

Fourthly, “What is the challenges of the practicum?” The challenges that I encounter during my practicum is the classroom management. Furthermore the challenge is that some students can’t speak English because English is not their second language but a foreign language not like in the Philippines, so as a teacher I encourage them to speak English or teacher should learn about basic Bahasa words for communication.

Lastly, “Overall Impression” Being part of this program is a pride for myself. Meeting great people for a full month is certainly a very valuable experience. SEA Teacher Program is a good project for the students who wants to have an international internship to expand their horizon. This program is indeed an incredible stepping stone to learn the educational system of Southeast Asia country.

Surrounded by very friendly Al-Amjad Students and accepting us as a new family really touched our hearts. The Al-Amjad student friends who always accompany our days impressed me . This program really improves our knowledge and skills. Not only knowledge and skills, but also social values and cultural understanding that were not expected before. Maraming salamat po!

Farewell Ceremony

September 5, 2019 Friday heartfelt adieu was held at Main Campus of UMSU. The bitter and the sweet!☺ Why bitter? Because we need to bid our farewell to the person who help us during our stay in Indonesia. Why sweet? Because finally we just finished the program and learned everything we have to learn.

Photo taken at Al-Amjad Islamic Scool.

It is also our pride to wear the National costume of the Philippines the “Barong Tagalog”

Opening the farewell party with different national anthem of the participants. 🇵🇭 🇹🇭 🇮🇩

Dr. Eka Airlangga
(Head of International Office UMSU)
Mrs. Syamsuyurnita M. Ed
(Vice Dean for Academic Affairs Education Faculty)