Teaching Practice

Hello everyone! In this program, the main activity is definitely teaching. So here I’ll tell you my experience during my teaching practice. Here we go!

So, at Perguruan Al-Amjad School I had the opportunity to teach in Grade 7 Junior High School Social Science subject. I had to meet the 20-25 hours of teaching so my cooperating teacher give me 3 classes namely: 7-Ibnu Sina, 7-Ibnu Haitam and 7-Nusaibah Binti Ka’ab.

My Teaching Schedule:

The first day of teaching August 22, 2019 Thursday 13:50-15:1o PM is indeed a very heart-stopping for me. All the best thoughts in my mind. Grade 7 Nusaibah Binti Ka’ab is the first class that I teach. To melt the atmosphere, before starting we dance together! I am grateful that they have very high learning enthusiasm. And also, high sense of humor. That makes easy for me to mingle and teach in their classroom.

Banana Dance

In Grade 7 class, my cooperating teacher give me 3 topics such as: Natural Resources of Indonesia, Flora in Indonesia and Fauna in Indonesia.

To facilitate the learning process. I divided them into 4 groups and I gave them the puzzle pieces to solve. The puzzle pieces are consisting of jumbled letters. They are very enthusiastic in doing this.

After arranging the jumbled letters, they are required to make a short description about it. at the end they must present it into the class.

For the duration per subject is 45 minutes.

Procedure of teaching:

Preliminary Activities (15 minutes)

• The teacher and the students greet each other.

• Energizer (Banana Dance)

Teaching and Learning Process

• The teacher asks the students a few questions.

• The teacher gives the worksheets to the students.

• The students do the worksheet.

• The teacher summarizes the lesson.

Closing (15 minutes)

• Asking about the advantages of the material.
• Asking if they really understand the lesson.
• Making a conclusion

Time management and Organizing activities (45 minutes)
• Preliminary Activities (15 minutes)

• Teaching and Learning Process (15 minutes)

• Closing (15 minutes)

Classroom Management

• Greetings

• Introduction

• Discussion

• Simple Instruction

• Fun Activities


Students cannot communicate with us due to language. But some of the students can really understand and speak English. Fortunately, we had our translator so we can still communicate and solve some problems. But as a future teacher we should have this strategy or technique so that problems can be solved.

7- Nusaibah Binti Ka’ab
7-Ibnu Haitam
7- Ibnu Sina

They are truly extraordinary students. If the problem of knowledge and ability in learning, THEY ARE GREAT! The thing that was impress me was their attitude they were polite to all without exception.

Indeed, a fantastic learning experience for me to impart all the knowledge I had been acquired.


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