Astonishing Learners

To my Ibnu Sina Class, Ibnu Haitam and Nusaibah Binti Ka’ab Mr. Philip will be forever grateful that I have shared all the knowledge I acquired. Different sections with lovely and attractive qualities. Spending my 28 days with the students is indeed a wonderful experience.

The thing that impress me is that they are courteous with all no excemption.

The way of behaving it is really innate in the girls that they are more well-disciplined than boys class.

But boys are more active in the teaching and learning process they easily catch up with the lesson. They are also sweet even if we have a limited time to each other they can easily connect with me. And I got surprised with it.

Bidding my farewell to my class!👋

In general, they have high enthusiasm when it comes to learning process so that we create a harmonious environment in the class. They also embody kindness and respect.

Terima kasih banyak! You are part of my journey.


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