Cooperating Teacher

Good Day! Anyway thank you so much for still be with me here! Let’s continue my story during my internship in Indonesia.

Talking about my success in this program, of course I cannot escape the help of my excellent and very helpful cooperating teacher. I will introduce to you on this page. Ms. Eka Putri Miranda B.Ed. she is active academically and in extra-curricular activities in the school. She had conceptualized all the material long before the day the material was taught.

There are many things that I can emulate from the way my cooperating teacher done. One thing is that she has this strategy or technique so that her students can really understand the lesson well. She do the ice breaking such as commanding the students to check their alertness then continuing learning using a language that is light and easy to understand. This method is effective enough to support the teaching and learning process in order to achieve the expected goals.

Behind every success of students is a teacher, a teacher whose willing to impart the knowledge, time, effort and most especially a teacher whose willing to share love and kindness to her students. Teacher as a catalyst of change. Teachers are difference maker!

Terima kasih banyak!


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